La Colombera


L'antico castello Residence La Colombera, un'angolo di paradiso nella natura tra sole, verde e relax a due passi dal Lago di Garda.



Parma ham with gorgonzola
Salted beef with flakes of Trentino cheese
Goose ham with strawberries marinated in balsamic vinegar
Veal With Tunny sauce
Thinly sliced turkey ham with goat cheese with poppy seeds
Colombera cold meat selection and Waldorf salad
Sweet and sour trout fillet with polenta
Prawn cocktail
Warm octopus salad
Mussels "marinara" with toasted garlic bread

...First course

      Tagliatelle pasta with rabbit sauce
      Fettucce pasta with Porcini mushrooms and rosemary

      Homemade potato gnocchi with bolognese meatsauce 

      Risotto with apples and smoked ham 

      Homemade spinach gnocchi with butter and sage
      Pennette with fresh tomato, basil and Scamorza cheese

      Fusilli pasta with tuna fish, onions, tomato and basil 

      Bigoli pasta with lake Garda sardines
      Spaghetti with clams
      Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and red peppers
      Large Ravioli stuffed with a local cheese and walnuts, served in melted butter
      Ravioli with a delicious pear and cheese stuffing in saffron sauce
      Vegetable soup

...Second course ...served with potatoes and vegetables

Sliced grilled beef with rocket
Pork fillet with green pepper grains
Pork fillet with ham
Salted beef with "dressed" baked beans
T-bone steak
Sirloin steak
Beef burger with melted cheese and bacon
Sliced grilled bison with Valeriana salad
Fillet steak, grilled, with gorgonzola or green pepper grain sauce
Horse meat fillet
Lamb chops
La Colombera Mixed Grill

...Grilled fish ...with potatoes and vegetables

Grilled prawns
Lake Garda Salmon Trout
Grilled swordfish slice

...I Dessert

Dessert of your choice

Residence La Colombera

Casa Maria Apartments


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